Nicole Montecillo

Orange County Graphic Designer

AI VideoAs a beginner in video editing, I am currently developing my skills using Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop. I am passionate about the creative process and am eager to learn and grow my proficiency with the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite. I have begun to explore advanced techniques, such as AI-driven generative fill, and I am excited about the possibilities these tools offer for enhancing visual storytelling.Although I am at the start of my journey, I am dedicated to producing polished and professional video content. I am committed to continuously improving my skills and mastering new tools and features. My goal is to integrate various multimedia elements seamlessly, creating compelling visual effects and ensuring high-quality outputs. I am enthusiastic about collaborating with more experienced professionals and learning from them, and I am motivated to take on new challenges that will help me advance in the field of video editing and digital media production.

FLOWER POWERThis edit was produced using Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop Generative Fill. It features alterations to the video, including changes to the dress, background, and the style and color of the hats.



AfterThis edited image was expanded upon and enhanced using generative fill technology in Adobe Photoshop. New elements, such as a cheetah and palm tree, were seamlessly integrated into the scene, enriching the overall composition.